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Resources and Tools for Marketing Your Music

Getting Your Music Videos Found on YouTube

You have made a video for your new song or band's performance and you want to put it up on Youtube and get it found. How do you do that? The key to getting your video found has to do with understanding search and to filling in all the boxes they provide with lots of relevant, keyworded text. Even though you have a video, it is found in Google Search, Youtube Search and other video platforms by the words that are put into the search boxes. Text comes into play for the video title, description and key words or tags that are added into YouTube when you upload your video. Below we take you through 10 key tips on getting this done.

1. If you can, pick a YouTube account name that relates to your name or band's name.

2. Keyword your title and include a web address at the end. This isn’t a live link but it reinforces that you have a website and stays right on the screen while the video is showing.

3. All promotional videos should have some kind of call-to-action, including a web address or contact info during or at the end of the video. Show the CD cover at the end. Drop in your web address along the bottom of the video.

4. In the initial sentence of the description, include a full web address as the first item, including the http://, then a short intro description. The first sentence needs to grab because this is all you initially see below your video.

5. For the rest of the description, fill it out with a lot of relevant copy, describe your music, drop in the lyrics of your song, give a bio at the bottom with contact info, web address, agent, where to get your CD, Twitter Account, Facebook page. You can really fill this area up with text. Google indexes this area so it is important to also add in your keywords to the copy
6. Pick a relevant Video Category, usually music, but maybe not.

7. Relevant Keywords or Tags to the video and the topic, this is super important, band name, your name, types of music. You can put up to 420 characters in this spot, use up.

8. YouTube has a lot of data on your video and its performance, including demographic info, viewing locations, popularity, and keyword suggestions. All of this is located inside of your account once you log in, it will tell you a lot about what is going on with your video.

9. Your video can also be annotated and linked to other videos in YouTube. This feature is available once you log in. This is a great way to add info to your video and link your videos together

10. YouTube now close captions all videos and adds the text to the video file. Most videos are watched for no more than 20 seconds, so make sure your key phrase is included in those first seconds. It is rumored that Google indexes this copy and it also can be updated and corrected. If the music isn't to loud in your video it will even close caption a song. This file is editable, searching videos by song lyrics is quite common.

Bonus Tip: Share and Embed code for reposting your video on your blog, website, Facebook, and social media. Spread your video everywhere you can.


Some Quick Tips on Making Your Music Video

• Almost any simple digital camera will do for making a video, from the Flip or Kodak Zi8, to simple pocket cameras like a Cannon SD 780, even your cell phone if it shoots video.

• A little tripod can really help with the quality.

• If you don’t have a camera, then use the Save as Movie option of PowerPoint or a screen capture program like or

• If you are doing an information video keep it short. This is key; around 1-3 minutes is perfect.

• If you are doing a music video make sure there is some kind of contact info or web address in the first 20 seconds. Most videos are only watched 20 seconds.

• If you can do it in one take, you might not need to do any editing. If you are editing, then make each video shot at least 10 seconds; (count in your head). You can also add in still images.

• Lighting is important. Turn on the lights or stand by a window.

• A dark video just doesn’t look good. Watch out for backlighting.
It can kill your video.

• Stay close to the camera for good sound, turn off any radios, and watch out for background noise. If your camera has a mic input, you can also add one for better quality, lavalier mics work well.

• In your video, give viewers a call-to-action: ask them to do something, call, go to a web site, suggest something to get them to your web site.

• Do some simple editing with iMovie on the Mac, MovieMaker on the PC, for more complex, use FinalCut or Sony Vega. You can even edit right in YouTube and the new PowerPoint. Many cameras also come with video editing software you can use.

• Add your web address along the bottom or lower third of the screen. Add contact info or a call-to-action at the end.

• Upload your video to YouTube, then link it to a blog, your website and announce it using Facebook and other social media sites.

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